Monday, November 10, 2014

Just a Crow Today and Recipes for Using Them

Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle Not Seen



It was a busy day at the office but, two hours were spent outdoors.

Before the sun went down, I thought shooting that buzzard eagle might be entertaining.

It never appeared, where I usually spot it but, a crow showed up.

blue-eyed crow, discarded tire

Here it is, posing to the left.

Then, it posed to the right.

It was eating some sort of fruit probably, swiped out of a farmer's garden.

Enough photos were taken, to get this GIF made for you to view.

While waiting around the office for the GIF to get done, I did some research.

There Are Way Too Many Crows on this Island



Just for the heck of it, I decided to Google Search Crow Recipes.

If there was a big demand for crows maybe, we could get rid of them all and, turn a profit.

Hah.  I found some great material, over at Cooks (dot) Com.

They have a whole page of recipes that use crows and, even their nests.

You can make hash, pudding or, pies out of these birds.

The craziest recipe is the one called Famous Kentucky Crow.

All you need is one crow, 4 cups of cow manure and a pint of Old Crow Kentucky Bourbon.

After you're done mixing and baking, guess what you are supposed to do ?

Throw the bird away, eat the manure and, drink the bourbon !

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