Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Noisy Bird -- Brown-eared Bulbul

Japanese Name Hiyodori ( ヒヨドリ )






So far, I've found two scientific names for this bird.

 Hypsipetes amaurotis has been used for several years as a nomenclature.

 See Avibase for all the data.

gif,chirping bird,tree

 Experts at analyzing bird things came up with a new Latin name for us.

Now, they call it, Microscelis amaurotis, the Brown-eared Bulbul.

These characters can screech really loud.

Being hearing impaired, they don't really bother me with the racket they make.

But, I do remember them, eating my tomatoes.

The varmints would poke holes in your food, just to steal the seeds.

And, you'd be left with a bunch of holy, rotting tomatoes.

It you grow your own veges and hear these birds coming, get some nets over the plants.

Or, do what I did. Quit gardening and, let somebody else worry about it.

More About the Brown-eared Bulbul

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