Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Prayer Before a Festive Occasion in the Ryukyu Islands

At the Juri Uma Parade



Prior to the dances on stage and in the streets a few rituals take place.

The women in white robes are priestesses.

approaching worship site

Running ahead with a camera, to get in position, I may have missed some events.

This scene shows those approaching a site for prayer and offerings.

It was the 5th or 6th spot visited along the way.

There were brief visits made to a priestess' home, a  well and other sacred sites.

One of the reasons, I visit days or, weeks before an event is to be recognized by the locals.

It makes, everyone feel more comfortable and, I am not a stranger to them.

Much of Okinawa's recorded history was destroyed in the past.

And, it makes researching some events extremely difficult.

For those interested in Okinawan religion here's a link, in English.

Over 100 pages are included in this PDF about the Tsuji fire in the last Century.

Tsuji, is the district in Naha, where this annual event takes place.

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