Friday, March 27, 2015

The Most Special Rock I've Ever Seen on Okinawa

Yaharazukasa, rock, Okinawa

This stone is a monument, marking a spot on the east coast of Okinawa.

It is said, the creator of the Ryukyu Islands set foot on the main island, here.

Yaharazukasa is the name of this historical rock.

The tide was in when we discovered it so, I couldn't just walk over to see the whole stone.

At low tide, someday, I'll get the full picture for you.

The legendary goddess, Amamikiyo, passed through this spot, coming from Kudaka Island.

And, I have a list of all the places, she visited next.

So, some sort of pilgrimage, could be made, through this area in Nanjo City.

For those, not so interested, in pilgrim stuff, I have a surprise.

paraglider, near special rock, over ocean

Non-pilgrims could go paragliding, right near this sacred stone !

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