Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tamashigi (タマシギ) is What this Bird is Called in Japan

Greater Painted-snipe



Early morning is the best time to photograph these critters.

It's a good idea to know the name of the birds, in Japanese so, I looked it up.

If some farmer, were to ask me what I was looking for, I'd tell him, Tamashigi.

They don't speak much Latin around here.

Rostratula benghalensis is too hard for me to remember.

The Japanese name got memorized and, written on a note in my pocket.

Down to the marshes and farmland, I went, just as the sun was rising.

male, female, Greater Painted-snipe,birds

This pair of Tamashigi birds was posing for me before 9AM today.

The male must have had some work to do and, he left the scene.

female, Greater Painted-snipe

The female bird, looked like she was falling asleep.

As soon as, I had my fill of photos, I packed up and hiked back to town.

While this GIF was being created, I was in the office, taking a nap !

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