Monday, March 16, 2015

Painted Snipe: 10 Facts and Photos

female and male Painted Snipe

These birds, known as Greater Painted Snipe, live in Africa, Asia and India.

female Painted Snipe

The female is more of a reddish color than the male.

male Painted Snipe

Males are pale and, brown, tan or, golden, in color.

pair of Painted Snipes in marshland

These birds are not related to those, commonly called, Snipes.

Snipe in water
The Latin name for this species is Rostratula benghalensis.

female and male Snipes

The birds have a white (female) or, tan (male) eye patch.

pair, Greater Painted Snipe, GIF

Females court the males and, may have more than one mate.

couple, Painted Snipes

Males hatch the eggs and rear the offspring.

The bird prefers grassy habitats along marshes, streams or, ponds.

They are extremely shy and, vanish into the vegetation when disturbed.


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