Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eat Lunch and Do a Bungee Thingy All at the Same Place

Play with a Slingshot Too !



Along HWY 58 near the Ramada Renaissance Resort is this place.

The first time, I saw the ride/gadget it was on TV at home.

Big time movie stars were riding this bungee-swing-thing.

Forgive me, for not getting a name and address.  I was too excited.

The plan was to get some photos of the contraption, because it is truly unique.

These girls volunteered to ride and, signed a model release.

bungee ride, okinawa, HWY 58

Then, I sort of forgot about taking close-up shots of the machinery.

It would be nice to show all the ropes, wood, pipes, hydraulics, old car parts and, everything.

They have cables, baling wire and maybe even some electricity holding things together.

bungee swing, GIF

The owner, makes sure passengers are buckled-up and cranks the swing into the sky.

When you are ready, to swing out towards HWY 58, guess what you do ?

Hit the release, which happens to be a rusty old pair of Vice Grips.

girls riding bungee swing

When things slow down a bit, it's alright to take the helmets off.

These gals, Ayaka and Miki live here in Okinawa.

And, I promised, they'll see their photos on Facebook tonight.

bungee swing at Soba House, HWY 58
Here's a different view of the bungee swing in operation.

Another visit will have to be made so, I can get more detailed images.

And, it will be much easier, if the place isn't as busy as it was today.

Here, you can eat Okinawa Soba, take the bungee ride and, shoot a slingshot into the jungle.

The cost is under ten bucks and, there's a chance to win 1,000 yen.

Next time, after I get the photography done, I may hope on that thing for a ride.

Do you have any bungee things in your neck of the woods ?

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