Monday, March 23, 2015

10 More GIFs from the 2015 Kin Bay Sailing Sabani Race

bailing water, sabani boat, straw hat

There were a couple of  firsts, I witnessed at the sabani races, yesterday.

Seeing sabani boats capsize isn't anything new.

Once they got it up-righted, one guy started bailing water out with his hat !

two sail sabani, outrigger

This boat with twin sails also, had an outrigger.

So, it would take some fairly rough seas to tip this one over.

sabani races, festival

The yellow archway, in the background of this photo was the entrance to a festival.

That meant, after getting done with  boat races, I'd be going to the Ginoza Matsuri.

sailing sabani race

The skies went from blue to grey and, back again, throughout the event.

sabani boats at sea, racing

Even though we were in Kin Bay, the boats were rocking and rolling.

2 sailing sabani boats, race

Everybody is required to wear life jackets.

Even the dog, in the back of that second sabani boat, is equipped with one.

sabani racing, child

There was a little guy on Spring vacation from grade school, in this boat.

He'll have some stories to tell his friends when he goes back to school.

sabani at sea, racing

We were sailing around and things seemed a bit monotonous for a minute or two.

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose, because a boat capsized.

bailing capsized sabani boat

My boat driver was on a serious mission.

He gunned the engine and almost threw everyone on his boat, over the side-rails.

Well, these sabani people, ain't exactly rookies so, I wasn't worried.

Sometimes, they dump the boats over, just for practice.

They had the boat turned back up and bailed out, in just a few minutes.

sabani sailing race

Everything turned out alright and, my two biggest fears, never happened.

#1.  I didn't want to see anybody, we were supposed to rescue, whacked in the head with a propeller.

#2. They didn't run out of hamburgers at the festival before I arrived.


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Muza-chan, The boats and the people in them, definitely, add some color to the cameraman's sea scape !