Sunday, March 8, 2015

Look Who I Met Under a Bridge to Nowhere

Good Morning Uncle, Honda motorcycle, homeless-looking

Not Seen Every Day in Kin Town



Coming back from a long walk around Kin Dam, it was looking like it might rain.

This over pass would provide some shelter, I figured.

It must be my lucky day. 

No rain happened plus, I got to meet a celebrity.

We chatted awhile, in English, Japanese and, a bit of Okinawan dialect.

We had to figure out who was the eldest between the two of us.

Being, I am 13 years, his junior, I have to look up to him.

Politely, I asked for permission to take his photo.

And, I got him to sign a model release, just in case, I need one, someday.

A Few Things You May Not Know



His bike is made by Honda.

He is more fun to talk to than most world leaders.

And, he may be smarter, too.

He has been called Boom Boom Man, Pom Pom Man and Good Morning Uncle.

Ohio Ojisan ( ようおじさん) is what  the locals call him.

My new friend even has a Facebook Page

He has been interviewed in English:

And, interviewed in Japanese:

At the time, I didn't know he was such a popular public figure.

I wouldn't have bothered with the model release.

Back at the office, I researched and found out all this stuff.

Now, I wonder where he bought that yellow shirt !

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