Wednesday, March 4, 2015

6 GIFs from Sanshin Day in Yomitan Okinawa

sanshin playing, musical instrument, 3 stringed

Here's a sampling showing some of the activities witnessed today.

The festivities took place in front of a shrine.

classical dance at a shrine

Traditional Okinawan dance was performed.

Japanese Harps, koto, stringed instruments

The sanshin music was accompanied by Japanese Harps.

They are stringed instruments, called koto ( 箏).

drums and Japanese Harps

One drummer provided some rhythmic beats for the event.

traditional Okinawa dance

It was a busy morning but, I was back in my office before 2PM.

classical dance, Ryukyuan

And, over 700 images were downloaded off the camera.

It's dark outside right now but, I can still hear sanshin music on my radio.

Maybe, someone will be playing live in Kin Town, on my way home !

Map It Okinawa gives directions to this shrine.

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