Sunday, March 22, 2015

Views of the Sailing Sabani Boats in Kin Bay

sabani sailboat, yellow

The 1st sailing sabani race of 2015 was held today.

It's a blast, capturing these events with a digital camera, bouncing around on the ocean.

Out of the seven hundred and, something images, taken this morning, here are a few GIFs.

There were only five boats in the competition and, I hope, I got them all.

sabani boats racing

If I had a choice, I'd rather be shooting my camera with my feet planted on some earth.

Riding a safety/escort boat, I was out at sea, looking towards the shore.

close-up, sailing sabani boat, paddles

With a combination of sails and paddles, these boats move quickly.

So, every once in awhile the safety boat dude,  guns his engines real fast.

And, the cameraman cusses, as he almost gets thrown overboard.

sabani boats rcinng, Kin Bay
It got me thinking.  There must be an easier way to get these photos.

Like, couldn't they rent one of those Goodyear blimps ?

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