Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 Images of Osprey Birds in Flight

Over Kin Dam in Okinawa Japan



These photos were taken over a two hour period this morning.

The Pentax K3 and 300mm lens were used, along with a tripod.

bird, Osprey in flight

It was 9:33AM when the first subject appeared.

Sea Hawk, flying

When they fly over water, they are looking for fish.

Osprey searching for food

Catching them with the sun lighting up their eyes can be a challenge.

Osprey, wings spread

They eat fish from the ocean or, fresh water.

Ospreys are also known as Sea Hawks.

Pandion haliaetus, flying

Pandion haliaetus is their scientific name.

flying osprey, looking at camera

These birds are the only raptors with white bellies.

Sea Hawk in flight

The white head and brown mask over the eyes makes identification of  this bird, easy.

flying osprey, bird

Ospreys voluntarily, close their nostrils when they dive for fish in the water.

sea hawk flying

These  birds a third eyelid which is transparent.

This membrane can be closed when under water, serving as goggles, while they catch their prey.

Learn More About Ospreys at Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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