Sunday, May 24, 2015

Animated Images of Shima ( シマ) -- Okinawan Sumo Wrestlers

Okinawan Sumo, wrestlers, outdoors

A little rain doesn't cancel an event like this for Ryukyu islanders.

An Okinawa wide Sumo Championship was held in Makishi Park of Naha City.

Three of us, armed with Pentax cameras, caught part of the action earlier today.

Okinawa style, sumo, シマ

Enough photos were taken to create GIF animations and, we left the big city.

There didn't seem to be any news crews or TV cameras at the scene.

But, we figured maybe, they wait for the final few matches before showing up on a rainy day.

Tonight's Sports News may show the champions of the day.

And, tomorrows local newspapers may have something about the event.

Learn more about Okinawa Sumo at:

Okinawan Traditional Martial Arts - Shima (Okinawan Sumo) on YouTube

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