Friday, May 8, 2015

Brilliant Red Deigo Blossoms in Okinawa

The Official Flower of the Prefecture



A trip to the northern areas of the island was made to check on flowers today.

Deigo flowers can be unpredictable from one year to the next.

green leaves, red blossoms

When the leaves sprout, the flowers quit blooming.

Some people will tell you, the earlier they bloom, the stronger typhoons will be for the year.

deigo tree, blossoms, ocean and mountain view

 Just a few meters down the highway, another large tree, didn't bloom at all this season.

blossoming deigo tree, hills in background

This seemed like the only show in town so, I shot at different focal lengths.

deigo flower close-up

It's best to photograph these blossoms now, because they may be gone after the weekend.

A typhoon named Noul is blowing around out there somewhere.

It could easily, blow all the deigo flowers away !

flowers, HWY58, elementary school sign

The trees blooming are right in front of Tsuha Elementary School in Ogimi Village.

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