Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bird Animation: Japanese White Eye in Orange Blossoms

GIF, bird, flowers

The bright orange flowers may be Chinese Trumpets.

Heading back to the office after a full day of shooting, they caught my attention.

Just as I was composing an image for identification of the flowers, along came this bird.

Usually when I photograph the Zosterops japonicus, they are in cherry blossoms.

The flower identification can wait for another day.

The bird in blossoms was my final stop with the camera and GPS for Geo-tagging.

Several hours walking the backroads has worn me out.

So, it's best, I lock up the shop and go somewhere to get re-hydrated.


Kim said...

Beautiful capture of the White Eye. They are a beautiful bird, and especially during the Cherry blossoms blooming.

RyukyuMike said...

Kim, Yes, the bird stole the show and, made me forget all about the flower blossoms !