Sunday, May 17, 2015

Images from a Sunday Afternoon in the North of Okinawa

 Photos Can Do the Talking






In a period of about four hours, a person can cover lots of terrain on this island.

Getting a late start, Map It Okinawa Dude, arrived at the office sometime after noon.

hydrangea flowers, ajisai

The first photo of the day was taken around 1:30PM.

The flowers are Hydrangea (ajisai in Japanese) and they are blooming everywhere.

Ajisai, flowers, Hydrangea

 Yohena's Ajisai Garden is one of my favorite places to visit in the month of May.

For the GPS crowd: N 26 27.007  E 127 55.879, should get you there.

Yohena, elderly, gardener

Not as crazy about flowers as most people, I go to visit this woman.

Mrs. Yohena is the person who started planting these flowers, all over the hillsides.

She's 98 years of age and, more energetic than most 40 year old women, I know.

She always remembers me and insists on posing for a photo.

She is a sweetheart.

Ryukyu Inu, Tora, dog

An hour after the first photo was taken we stopped here.

Tora, the Ryukyu Inu, doesn't really like posing for cameramen.

dog, GIF, barking
After I let him chew on my hands a little bit, he settles down and poses.

This guy is at the place where you buy tickets to see flowers of the Hydrangea Cafe.

blue hydrangea, flowers

The hills surrounding this location have very few blossoms see.

It might be best to visit in a week or, two.

The cafe is always a nice secluded spot to take a break for some refreshments.

This is Sueyoshi Ajisai Garden N 26 37.825  E 128 02.700 on GPS.

barbecue, clamshells
Cruising back down the east coast of the island, we stopped here.

This is a nifty place, where you can barbecue your own dinner.

Shelled seafood doesn't agree with me.

But, I can gobble down all kinds of meat products so, that's what I did.

This photo was taken around 5PM at Lequio Terrace in Ginoza.

GPS: N 26 28.424  E 127 57.430

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