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Migratory Bird: Whiskered Tern -- Photos and Facts

Kuroharaazisashi (クロハラアジサシ) in Japan






These birds may be found throughout Asia, Australia, Africa, India and parts of Europe.

Winter migration may involve several thousand miles of a journey.

bird in flight, tern, red legs

They eat insects, small frogs, crustaceans and some fish.

Wetlands, marshes , mudflats and well irrigated farm fields are their natural habitats.

bird, flight, rice field,Whiskered Tern

Colonies of these terns are highly protective of the family.

Other species of birds may live among them to take advantage of this trait.

The birds will gang-up any any other creature threatening them and, attack  the intruder.

tern, diving, flight,taro field

Scientific Name: Chlidonias hybrida

The red bill and legs of this species make identification  a simple task.

The flight patterns and forked tail feathers make it similar to many other tern species.

bird, tern, flight, rice field

Moving at extremely high speeds makes them a tough subject to photograph, in flight.

Shutter speeds for these images was between 1000 and 4000th of a second.


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