Saturday, May 9, 2015

Water Buffalo Project -- This May Take Awhile

The Bulls Are in Training



One of these days, we will have water buffaloes pulling wagons in Kin Town.

Preparations are underway down at Nature Mirai but, things aren't ready just yet.

There are signs posted, warning you, keep back from the untrained bulls.

Long-horned Water Buffalo

With a typhoon coming along, I didn't see much wildlife out and about.

So, I decided to get some water buffalo photography done.

Something in the works, for me, requires images of these bovines.

An old water bull and a younger, energetic one, are required for my project.

ring in nose, young water buffalo

It was fairly easy, talking my way into the lot with the animals.

All I had to do was tell the young man tending them, I'm an old cowhand.

Inside the enclosure, I went so, I could get up close and use a wide angle lens.

elder water buffalo

These animals are going to be pulling tourists around the mangroves, someday.

Right now they aren't too crazy about cameras being pointed at them.

That's something they better get used to because, travelers like to take photos.

water buffalo, GIF

There were a few other water buffaloes in that pen but, I like these two the best.

They just have to get to know me a little better and, they will cooperate with the camera.

The young one couldn't reach far enough to poke me with a horn.

camera lens, soiled by bull

He turned around and, kicked some buffalo chips onto my lens.

Back where I come from, that cow would be turned into hamburger meat.

After a few more visits, things will run much more smoothly.

Once the management sees how good, I am at handling cows, the might want to hire me.

Tourists may pay big bucks to ride a water buffalo cart, with Santa at the reins !

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