Friday, May 29, 2015

Travel Photo: UNESCO World Heritage -- Shikina-en Royal Garden

Chinese style, gardens, pond, buildings

Located in Naha Okinawa



This is one World Heritage Site worth visiting again and, again.

A quick trip was made through there today because it started looking like it may rain.

Blue skies and an awesome reflection on that pond are things I'll be looking for.

And, I'm always trying to dig up little cultural secrets to share.

Like today, I discovered a good one, I had never heard about before.

A special location sits behind me, as I was shooting this photo. We have to go back and catch it.

The Ryukyu Royalty used to bring Chinese envoys there to impress them.

It's a spot where, no matter which way you turn, you can't see any ocean.

That's pretty clever for some people living on an island.

They got those Chinese dudes, thinking what a big country this place is. Hah !

Standby for some sunshine and blue skies.

Have to get some pictures to show you the view from this place.
I'll getterdun.

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