Monday, May 4, 2015

Travel Photo: Japanese Pilgrims

Japanese pilgrims

Junrei (じゅんれい) is a Pilgrimage



Towards the end of March, this year, these pilgrims were spotted on an Okinawan highway.

A quick stop was made to get permission to take a photo and, off we went.

In mainland Japan these sort if things can be seen at many locations.

But, pilgrimages of this sort are rarely seen on this island.

It was a first, for me.  I was happy just getting a photo and, didn't ask any further questions.

A website was located with all you'd ever want to know about Japan's pilgrimages.

Some of the visits to special sites are for religious purposes.

Others, are more of a travel and tourism operation.

People can buy all the paraphernalia associated with pilgrimages at temples and shrines.

Or, the can purchase everything they need at online stores.

When someone goes on one of these excursions, they pay for stamps to be placed in a book.

That way, they have proof, that every special site was visited along the way.

The word "jun" means, to wander. And, "rei" means worship.

So, "junrei" literally means wandering worship.

What locations these pilgrims visited is an unknown at this time.

And, whether their travels were for religious or tourism reasons is anybody's guess.

Do you ever see people dressed like this where you live ?

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