Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wildlife of Okinawa: Habu a Venomous Snake

Protobothrops flavoviridis, habu, snake, sign, Japanese

A sign was photographed to record the Latin name.

There are a few different types of these snakes but, they are all poisonous.

Generally speaking, those with triangular-shaped heads are dangerous.

Okinawa World has a Habu Museum where you can visit the snakes.

The ones in the GIF above, are outside the building in trees, surrounded by a fence.

In the wilderness these snakes normally, run from you.

If they come after you, they may be the Taiwan version of snake, which are highly aggressive.

If you are bitten by a habu, you probably won't die from the bite.

Do not try and imitate cowboys and, suck the poison out of the wound.

Clean it, keep the bitten part below the level of the heart and, get medical attention.

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