Monday, June 1, 2015

Abushibare (畦払い) Snails Got Sent Out to Sea Today

Ritual Performed in the Yaka District of Kin Town



Attending cultural events like this, with the camera is always a pleasure.

Weeks or, months in advance, we start the research and make liaison with key people.

Many times, someone will wonder, "What's the bearded foreigner, doing here"?

Sometimes, they wonder out loud.

Once they learn, I'm there to document Okinawan culture, I'm accepted.

And, I generally return with some photos to give the villagers.

Today, I'll just share this animated GIF; it was the highlight of the day, for me.

toy sailboat,ritual,ocean

This Just In






The Auto Awesome put a second GIF together for our entertainment.

So, here it is.  I hope you enjoy it s much as I do.

sailboat, snails, ocean, young man

The young man, who launched the boat, I didn't get his name.

He has a printed photo, of his choice, coming, when we meet again !

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