Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Green Ladybug? No! It's a Harlequin Bug

insect, bright green, GIF

This bright green insect with red and black markings crossed my path.

For sure, I thought it was some sort of ladybug.

So, I chased it down the highway, crawling on my hands and knees with the camera.

Luckily, we were on a road that doesn't see much traffic.

The  bug was moving fast and, I needed better light; this was my best chance to catch it.

When it hit that yellow seed or, fruit, I fired away.

Ladybugs Don't Come in Green Colors






The first 10 minutes of online research, led me to that conclusion. Groan.

Some sort of Entomologist would have to help me identify this insect.

They are what I call, Bug Experts and, the world could sure use more of them.

Luckily, I found one on Facebook and messaged him, privately.

Along with my message, I attached 3 photos of this bug. He replied:

"This is not a Ladybug. Larva of the harlequin bug."

 Harlequin Bug got me the scientific name Murgantia histronica.

Other common names are, Cabbage Bug, Calico Bug, Fire Bug and Terrapin Back.

It sucks the juice out of plants and kills them !

Some people call them Stink Bugs.

They are pretty little things but, you probably wouldn't want to collect them.

Not alive, anyway.


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