Friday, June 5, 2015

1st Week of June -- Friday Photos

A Weekend Could Be Spent Doing This



A relatively mild rainy season, slowed the flower blossoms down a bit this year.

A visit to the northern hills today turned out to be a good idea.

The mountains are popping with bright colors.

hydrangea, flowers

Hydrangea flowers are in full bloom at Yohena's Ajsai Garden.

children, flowers

There must have been a few busloads of these little tots on a field trip.

They added some color saturation to the scenes in case you didn't already have enough.

Plus, I found out what about 100 of them want for Christmas.

hamburger, fries

A visit to Nago and, Captain Kangaroo's was made at lunchtime.

This is a simple burger and cheese with a side of fries.

Not wanting to get an overdose of vegetables, I just had some ketchup.

Potatoes and tomatoes, right ? 


They have other types of burgers on the menu, in case you were wondering.

Someday, I may have to try this humongous thing.

Maybe, I'll pass on the ketchup.

Buddha statue,forest,garden

Touring a rock garden, seemed like a good idea after that big lunch.

Buddha looks a bit weathered but, keeps on smiling.

This is a place we always stop by for photos when in the area.

bamboo, rock garden

A stand of bamboo, right next to the Buddha statue begs for photos, as well.

Something tells me, camera clubs will be heading for the hills this weekend.

There's a good possibility, they may run into me, somewhere in their photographic travels.

Now, I'm wondering.  How early does Captain Kangaroo open ? 

Maybe, I'll  be the first customer !

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