Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why Are Crows Such Nasty Birds ?

Answer Found in an Okinawan Folktale



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Many years ago a hunter went up in the mountains of Miyako in search of food.

Armed with a bow and arrow, he wasn't having much success finding any game.

He spotted a beautiful golden bird but, didn't shoot it.

The bird, started speaking.

If the man would promise to not hunt  birds on this mountain again, he would be rewarded.

The golden bird would grant him any wish, he desired.

Back at home, he had a wife who was always complaining about the place they lived in.

So, the man requested a mansion for his wife.

Sure enough, when he got home, his wife was in their beautiful new home.

She said, a crew came and refurbished the whole place and she was surprised.

When the man told her it was because of the golden bird, she became angry.

She wished she could fly like a bird and, wanted that more than a fancy house.

The man felt like a fool but, went back to find the bird to make another request.

He thanked the bird for the new house.

But, he knew his complaining wife wouldn't stop until she had her wish granted.

She wanted to be able to fly.

The golden bird was a little ruffled over this request but, made an exception for this old man.

When he got home, his wife couldn't be found anywhere.

She had been turned into the ugliest bird the man had ever seen; a crow.

To this day, the people of Miyako have a saying about crows.

They say, "Look what another greedy person has been turned into."

Reference: Folktales of Okinawa


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