Friday, June 12, 2015

Hot Enough to Go Swimming with the Bulls

Okinawa Rainy Season Ended



That means festival season and plenty of hot, humid, sunny days in the near future.

After a trip to the northern extremes of the island, Doc and, I went to visit the water buffaloes.

water buffaloes,man,river

Just as we turned the corner, heading into Nature Mirai, we spotted this.

One barefooted dude, was leading four of the animals into the Okukubi River.

There are all sorts of things to do at this location.

In the past, I have seen people kayaking, camping, barbecuing  and, partying here.

The Mud Festival goes in this area each year and they have live bands on occasions.

It looks like, I better start carrying a bathing suit in my camera bag.

It would be fun, to go swimming with the bulls.

That would be a great thing to write about for Nature Mirai Experiences !

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