Sunday, June 7, 2015

Travel Shots -- Heart Rock of Kouri-jima

Kouri Island, heart-shaped rock, tourists

A whirlwind tour of Kouri Island, today had us visiting this rock at low tide.

Named the Heart Rock, signs reading ハート ロック lead you there.

With the publicity this stone formation has gotten, it gets plenty of visitors.

A second parking lot had to be built to handle the volume of cars and buses stopping by.

tourists, pose, rock formation, heart

My recommendation would be, check the tide schedules and, visit during high tide.

Some travelers, like to walk up to touch the stone or, pose with it.

It wouldn't surprise me if they built a boardwalk around the thing, one of these days.

That way, wedding photographers could bring brides in their gowns for photos.

Take a look at this YouTube video to see it when the tide is in.

Some photos from my first visit to this famous rock formation are also, here.

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