Sunday, June 21, 2015

Travel Photo: The Wedded Rocks of Onna Son

rocks tied together, shimenawa,rope

Bound Together with a Sacred Rope



This photo was taken from the shore at Manza Beach Resort late in the morning.

More than likely, the scene is a spin-off of the Meoto Iwa (夫婦岩) in Mie, Japan.

The rice straw rope, called a shimenawa, comes from Shinto beliefs.

Sacred ropes, such as this, are seen tied to the gates (torii) of many shrines.

Online research for these rocks in Okinawa, didn't provide much information.

But, I'm sure some wedding photographers, take their clients to this spot for sessions.

Up in mainland Japan, you can find all sorts of information about the Married Rocks.

Take a peek at them in Ise Shima National Park and get a dose of Religious Mythology.

Ella Morton writes about the rocks united in marriage at Atlas Obscura.

And, Joanne G.Yoshida, has been there at least three times.

She has even, seen Mt. Fuji appear between those rocks !

Over at Photo Guide Japan, see an excellent essay on the replacement of the ropes.

Due to wear and tear of wind and waves, the ropes are replaced 3 times each year.

It looks like quite a ceremony.

Maybe, we should talk to the folks at Manza Beach Resort and, do the same here.

It would be a great excuse, to throw a festival for the occasion !


Doc said...

The one thing you forgot to mention about the "Wedding Rocks at Manza beach in Okinawa is that while the resort and wedding chapel is on the beach side of the bay and the suicide cliffs of Manza Mo are on the other.

RyukyuMike said...

Doc, Weddings and suicide, all in one line, sounds like a package deal. Why didn't I think of that ?

Muza-chan said...


RyukyuMike said...

Muza-chan, Didn't we see the Married Rocks of mainland Japan, over your way, once in the past?