Sunday, June 28, 2015

Travel Photos: Statue of Maririn the Dog on Zamami Island

dog, statue, beach

Maririn would be pronounced Marilyn in English.

The statue represents the female half of two dogs who really liked each other.

dog statue, island, beach

The dogs, liked each other so much, they had three litters of puppies.

The male dog, named Shiro (white) lived on another island.

Shiro, used to swim from Aka Island to hook up with Maririn over at Zamami.

The story of the two dogs was made into a movie in 1988.

There are a few places, you can find books, DVDs or download the movie, in Japanese only.

Maririn ni aitai, meaning I want to see Marilyn would be the title.

A short clip from the movie may be found on YouTube

And, an interesting tale from some ocean scientist, about the dogs may be seen here.

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