Tuesday, June 30, 2015

12 Animations from the 2015 Sabani Sailing Race: Zamami Island

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The GIFs Can Do the Talking



In no particular order, have a peek at these traditional Okinawan boats sailing.

When I go to this annual event, I am escorting one team.

The sabani boat, they paddle and sail, is called the Umimaru.

The photo above, shows them leaving the port at Zamami Island and heading out to sea.

Umimaru, sailing

Rehearsals for the big sailing event take place months in advance.

Each member of the boat team must be in good physical condition and somewhat coordinated.

teams run towards beached boats

 About 40 other teams compete in this race each year.

At the start, a mad dash to the boats on the beach begins the final race.

launching sailboats, sabani teams

It can get fairly crowded boarding the boats trying to depart the beach.

white sails, sabani boats at sea

It's a good idea, to try and be one of the first sabani boats to hit the open seas.

sabani boats racing, sails,paddles

The teams sail and paddle, trying to gain a lead to the fleet.

white, yellow, sailboats, race

Sometimes, I wish the Umimaru, had a purple sail so, it would be easier to follow.

island, ocean, sailboat, racing

 Once, I loose sight of the Umimaru, any sabani boat, sailing by is fair game, for the camera.

Umimaru, sailing sabani, near finish

Close to the finish, I spot the team, I am with, sailing along smoothly.

paddling  boat, sails down, near finish

 The wind was blowing the wrong way near the finish so, paddles provided all the power.

sailboat near finish, happy team

This team, looked like they were signaling something about, drinking beer.

So, after this series of photos was taken, I went looking for some !

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