Monday, June 22, 2015

Flower Photo: Chinese Trumpet Vine

Nouzenkazura   (ノウゼンカズラ) in Japan






Originally spotted with some Japanese White Eyes flying around, we now have a positive ID.

The bright orange flowers are known as Campsis grandiflora to the botanical crowd.

Some folks call them Chinese Trumpet Creepers.

Chinese Trumpet, flower, vine

Anyone wanting plants or, seeds should visit Dave's Garden for information.

People there, will give you their unadulterated opinions about the flowers.

They let you know if they've had good luck or, are disappointed with the plants.

Dr. David Creech, calls it a "drop-dead-gorgeous-vine" at Learn 2 Grow.

And, he says, grow it on a post, you will  "shock and amaze the most jaded of gardeners."

At Plants for a Future you can see one of these plants, almost 30 feet tall.

Visit the Royal Horticultural Society to learn more in English.

All the research on these flowers got me thinking.

It would be fun to go and buy a wooden fencepost and get some of these plants.

That way, I could shock and amaze some jaded gardeners, I know !


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