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20 Photos Taken at a Folklore Museum in Nago Okinawa

Sawano Soba Shop, Okinawa noodles,restaurant, museum

Signs on the Road May Trick You



It may seem just like another, one of the hundreds, of Okinawa Soba noodle shops.

This one, is tucked away on the outskirts of the big city of Nago, Okinawa.

statue, archway, shed, stairs

There's a parking lot, alongside the highway and, you can walk right on in.

This, isn't one of those fancy, municipal museums, run by the government.

dirt floor, museum, artifacts

A sort of, down-to-earth guy and, his family, run this operation.

wagon wheels,clothing, straw hats,tools

It's a great place, to take a camera, when the weather outdoors won't cooperate.

jars, buckets, bottles, shelves, baskets, pottery

Every type of container, for holding liquids is on display along with baskets.

Some of those things look like musical instruments but, could be kitchen tools.

If you haven't already guessed, I'll tell you.  I ain't no archaeologist.

pots, pans, buckets, shoemaker materials, wooden box

Pots and pans, water pitcher and a pump, I recognize and, some cobbler's tools.

Does anybody, have a shoemaker, in their neck of the woods, these days ?

glass case, paper money, antique

This glass case contains some very ancient, paper money.

tools, kitchen items

Tools, kitchen accessories and, meat grinders, I guess, we're looking at here. 

This sort of reminds me, of the back room, in my office. Neat !

film cameras, lenses, flashes,glass case, relics

There's no telling, how old some of these cameras and lenses might be.

For sure, I know there, aren't any digital cameras, in that glass case.

wash tubs, irons, laundry appliances,

This must be the laundry and ironing department, from back in the old days.

Aren't you glad, we have electricity, these days ? And, permanent-press clothing, too ?

hibachi, cooking implements
 It must have been, like having a barbecue, every day, way back when.

 A wood or, charcoal fire, was used to heat everything, even a cup of tea.

Nipper, RCA Victor, dog, statues

 If you don't know the RCA Victor dog, Nipper, you must be, way younger than, me.

Singer sewing machine, antique

It's hard to tell if, this sewing machine was electric, or human powered.

 Some, were designed, to work both ways, for people, who didn't have electricity, I bet.

replica, fishing boats

It probably wasn't a luxury, sailing one of these ships but, I think, they're cool.

record player, crank, vinyl album

Few people, have record players like this, anymore.  Notice, the hand crank.

metal boat, sabani

Someone, improvised and, built this boat out of war salvage.

bust, statues, women

Well, I didn't get all the details, on these busts of women, I discovered.

But, I noticed, the artist made sure, their belly buttons showed.

record albums, Adolf Hitler
Plenty of famous Japanese recording artists can be found over the soba shop.

It looks like, they saved a record of Hitler's favorite marching tunes, too !

record album, Clint Eastwood, macaroni, western

Wide awake and alert, Doc Graff, pointed this out to me and, I got a good laugh.

Remember, Clint Eastwood and his early years, making spaghetti westerns ?

Well, on this album cover, call them macaroni style westerns !   LOL

antique, kerosene lamps, lighting

The ceiling of the room above the soba shop, has all these kerosene lamps.

It's a Little Tricky Getting There


This was my second visit to the museum and soba shop and, I'll be going again.

So, I did some research and, saved it on a map.

 That way, I can Click Here for directions so, I don't get lost, again.

More Images Will Be Added to a Facebook Album

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