Saturday, June 4, 2016

Another Place to View Hydrangea Flowers in Okinawa

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They're in Nago But Not in the City



To get a look at these blossoms, you may have a bit of a climb ahead of you.

Really, not an expert on flower things, I can't tell if the season is just beginning or, ending.

ferns, jungle,hillside, Nago, Okinawa

Hiking up the back side of the hill, I saw mostly ferns in a forest, down below.

rocks, garden,flowers, ferns

 Halfway up the hill, I spotted some blooms in a rock garden.

ocean view, mountains, Hydrangea Cafe, gardens 
Hydrangea Cafe was closed at the time I arrived but, the view was interesting.

It got me wondering if this would be a good location to observe sunsets.

flowers, garden, アジサイ

It had been a fairly long day traveling the north parts of the island.

Not being a true flower fanatic, I didn't bother climbing to the top of the hill.

 rocks,pink hydrangea, garden

A bit of a springtime rain started falling and, that gave me an excuse.

Back down, the front side of the mountain I went and, discovered these pink blossoms.

antique port light, signs, garden,rocks, flowers

Rocks, antique harbor lanterns and signs, in a garden are important, to me.

How else, do you think, I would remember to spell "HYDRANGEA" correctly ?

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