Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This Beats Sleepin' on a Street !

Guest House CamCam,Naha, Okinawa, entrance

Budget Accommodations in a Big City



Upon our return to Naha, the capital of Okinawa, we would  be spending the night.

At 6PM an awards ceremony was scheduled for the sailing sabani teams.

Plenty of alcoholic beverages are normally consumed at these type of events.

And, nobody would even think about driving home, under those circumstances.

So, we checked into this establishment. The price was unbelievably reasonable.

I paid my twelve bucks then,  picked up my backpack and camera bag.

The gal at the front desk said, "Follow me, I'll show you to your room."

Capsule Hotel, rabbit hutch, ladder, wood, futon, pillow

It's Like a Rabbit Hutch

The contents of my second story wooden cage, didn't take long to inventory. 

Climb up the ladder and, wiggle yourself inside. Glad, I wasn't drinking, yet.

There's a futon, blanket, pillow, electric outlet and a maybe, 5 watt light-bulb. 

Down the hallway, there's room to store luggage and the shower facilities.

They even have coin laundry machines for, those who wash stuff on vacations.

The first thing, I did after showering was plug my dead smartphone in to get charged.

Then, we all went to about three drinking parties, lasting until the wee hours of morning.

I don't recall, climbing that ladder the second time, I went in there.

Maybe, someone lifted me up or, I floated into my room.

It was air-conditioned and comfortably cool so, I slept well. Maybe, even snored.

Monday Morning Arrived 

My luggage, was exactly where I dropped it and, nothing was missing.

By now, the phone was charged and, I snapped the two photos before, heading home.

Knowing, lots of people, will be asking me, where this place is located, I did a review.

This establishment, will get another visit from me, with a real camera, someday.

In Japan, it would be called a Capsule Hotel; I call it a rabbit house !

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