Friday, June 10, 2016

Under the Bridge (GIF) Photos of Creatures

pony, beach, rocks

One End Of the Kouri-jima Bridge



 The plan today was to do some bridge photography but it was cloudy and rained.

This little pony was staked out  in the shade, along the beach, under the bridge.

Not sure who was more surprised, the pony or, me.

bird, tern, diving, bridge

Over on Kouri-jima Side


There were busloads of tourists, visiting the shops and the beach and, the sun came out.

The coolest spot on the island was under that bridge so, that's where I went.

This tern was diving or, pretending it was going to dive but, never got wet.

A rumor, reached my ears, about some girls in bikini suits, posing on the beach.

There's no way, I'd go over there and, shoot them unless, they paid me big bucks.

Critters, I shoot for free !

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