Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Entering a Tunnel (GIF) Up in Nago City

Highway, Nago City, Okinawa, tunnel

It's Some Sort of Bypass



After leaving the Hydrangea flower viewing in the mountains, it started to rain.

Good buddy Doc Graff was driving and, I started fooling with the camera.

We were bouncing around a bit, cruising down the highway.

The speed limit, posted, is probably, a good idea. It said "50" and, that's what we did.

Er, maybe just a little bit more because, we're not tourists. We live here.

Pentax K1 Spoils Me


It has this GPS feature, I turn on and, it Geo-tags all my images.

That way if, I upload them to Google Maps, it saves me lots of work.

Well, sonovagun if, the K1 wasn't in the back seat and, I used my old camera.

Usually, I would carry a Garmin handheld GPS device, when using the Pentax K3.

But, the batteries were removed and, it  stays in my office, these days.

Now, I have to fool around with translation services and maps, to Geo-tag this image.

Futami Suwaehisa Tunnel


That happens to be, all I have had translated about this tunnel, so far. 

Looking a maps, can get a guy lost so, I quit doing it for the time being.

The translation, looks a bit strange, to me so, here's what I'll do next.

Take a screenshot of it with my smartphone and, go bar hopping.

If 5 or 6 people, drinking beer, agree with that translation, I'll be good to go.

The thing will be called Futami Suwaehisa tunnel, from then on ! 

An Update


The translation above, was almost perfect; just drop the "e" from Suwaehisa.

And, you get the Futami By-pass Tunnel or, Futami Suwahisa Tunnel.

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