Thursday, June 2, 2016

Butterfly Motion GIF -- Marbeled Fritillary

orange butterfly, GIF, Brentis daphene, vegetation

Found in Europe, China and Japan



Today, I found a good site for information about this Brentis daphene butterfly.

It can be read in English, Italian, French or Spanish. No Japanese, I'm sorry.

Dr. Giuseppe Mazza is a journalist and scientific photographer and, a good one, too.

He has some friends, who did the translations and text, about this butterfly, for him.

Here's where you should go, to learn more about the Marbeled Fritillary. 

Those Europeans write much more romantically than, I ever will be able to do.

So, I'll just tell you a bit about, how I shot this critter  and created this animation.

Six images taken with the Pentax K1 and 420MM of lens were combined.

Exposure:  5/5.6  1/1000   ISO 800

The photos were uploaded to my Google Photos and I pushed a button, to CREATE.

A little window dropped down and, I selected ANIMATION.

End of story.

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