Saturday, June 18, 2016

Looking at Ikei Island Bridge from Kin Town

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Waiting for Moon Rise



One of my favorite spots for photographing the full moon is a tower in Kin Town.

It's always a good idea, to get out and practice a little bit early.

The walk to this observation point only takes about 10 minutes and, I needed some sunshine.

A Gitzo tripod, Pentax K1 and 300MM lens with a 1.4 converter, were used for this shot.

stairs, observation tower, grass, sky, Kin Town

One of the features, I really like about the new Pentax, is the GPS function.

It puts the location, you're shooting from, into Geo-tags on each photo.

That could be confusing, to some people if, they're looking for that bridge.

Latitude: 26.27.174480


Those are the coordinates, embedded in the properties of the bridge image.

But, I'm a few miles away from that bridge, using 420MM of lens, to capture it.

Someone, trying to find out the location of this tower, should use those coordinates.

To locate the Ikei Island bridge, it would be better, to find an image, taken with a shorter lens.

There's one, I shot from, much closer, over HERE.

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