Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today I Got Into a French Pastry Shop

Patisserie Montcrea, bakery,storefront

Not Much French in My Vocabulary



Here's a little secret: I had 3 years of French in high school but, never learned much.

See, I kept goofing around and, never made it to French II.

The 3rd time around (after flunking again) the teacher made a deal with me.

She'd give me a passing grade if, I promised, not to come back, in my senior year.

So, I did the honorable thing and, had an extra GYM class instead. Yeah !

sign, No Hundred Dollar Bills, counterfeit

 Arriving before 11AM, I had to kill time, waiting for the shop to open.

So, I shot this sign and checked my wallet for 100 dollar bills. None were found.

parking lot, Montcrea Bakery

 These days, I don't drive a car but, it's nice to know parking is available.

If, I had a car, I'd park it under that shade tree. Okinawa gets hot.

tables, chairs,cozy atmosphere, herbs

At exactly 11AM the door was opened and I stepped inside with my camera.

It's always a good idea, to ask if photography is allowed. I was good to go.

Not wanting to shoot any customers, I waited until the place was all clear.

This isn't your typical bakery; you can sit down and relax in the air-conditioning.

cafe-style, table, chairs

There's enough room for a dozen people, to be seated in here.

As soon as, there were no more customers in the store, I placed my order.

Not sure if, the gal spoke English or French, I ordered in Japanese.

Camp Hansen Cheese Cake

Two of those Camp Hansen Cheese, with Hokkaido butter, is what I got.

The girl, asked if, I wanted to sit at a table and have some coffee with it.

It was hot and sunny outside and I wanted to do some more outdoors photography.

So, I told the gal, it would be a takeout order and was on my way.

Back at the office, the cheese cake got put away in the refrigerator. 

And, I flipped the switch on the air-conditioner before, getting busy on this:

My little bit of a one hour excursion got boiled down to 20 some seconds.

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