Thursday, June 16, 2016

Packing to Travel Light Takes Practice

sleeping bag, backpack,clipboards, model releases

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Today, I decided to start about a week early, getting organized for this trip.

It's an annual event, I've been doing for the past few years, where, I go off island.

bug spray, medicines, socks, tuna, tissues, backpack

 First, the contents stored in the pack, had to be taken out and examined.

There are lots of things,  that will be unnecessary for this journey aboard a boat in June.

Woolen socks, insect repellent and, a can of tuna fish shouldn't be needed.

toothpaste, brush, washcloth, soap, lens cleaner, pack

Getting rid of all the unneeded junk, would lighten up the load, I'd be carrying.

A little bit at a time, I started making room for more important stuff, to pack away.

backpack, Pentax K1, K3, 15-30MM lens, 18-255MM lens,300MM lens

The sailing sabani boat races, I'm attending, will be out in the ocean.

So, all the cameras and lenses, stand a good chance of, getting wet.

The two cameras (above) are the Pentax K1 and K3, I'll be using a 300MM lens, at sea.

For closer up shots, the Pentax 18-250 and 15-30MM will come in handy.

pack, cameras, lenses, chargers, USB for smartphone, clothing

 Battery chargers and a USB wire for the smartphone are important things to carry.

Two changes of clothes and some plastic bags, I'll bring for sweaty laundry.

In case, I get stuck, washing my clothes with body soap, I brought along some clothesline.

Don't giggle at my underwear. Somebody else, buys and folds it Not me.

cameras, clothes, Rolaids, Aspirin

 When all this, thinking about packing, started to get on my nerves, I remembered something.

Get the Aspirins and Rolaids ready, to stuff in the backpack. Just in case.

clothing, cameras, medicines, camera straps

 Some additions (above) were, a spare belt and camera straps.

Normally, I wouldn't use straps, on the camera but, this time they may, come in handy.

Bouncing around on a fishing boat, shooting a camera, can be dangerous.

So, I might rig up a contraption, to keep me from falling overboard.

cameras, clothes, pack,accessories,polarizing lens filter

A circular polarizing filter, was added, in case, I'm shooting on a bright sunny day.

Certain times of the day, there's a horrible glare, off the ocean, to be dealt with.

With that thing, mounted on the end of a lens, glare can be eliminated.

laptop power supply, bag packed

As things started, getting stuffed in the backpack, more things were thought of.

Like a Mickey Mouse towel and the laptop power supply. Important stuff.

Sony laptop,mouse, pad, surge protector

A laptop and gadgets, plus a surge protector, almost complete the required load.

Then, I remembered to throw in a USB wire for the Android.

backpack, jacket, camera bag

Add, a light weight windbreaker jacket and the pack is getting full.

The Lowepro camera bag which, is hardly ever used, got called into action.

That's because, the cameras, aren't in the backpack, yet and it's getting full.

camera bag, backpack sign

The two hours, spent on this exercise, wasn't a total waste of time.

It just taught me, it will take more practice at packing things for the trip.

Just for the heck of it, I reduced the images down, to make a 20 second video:

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