Monday, June 20, 2016

JUN 2016 Full Moon on the Longest Day of the Year

Summer Solstice, Full Moon

Some Call It a Honey Moon



They say, the humidity makes the moon a honey color during this time of year.

The source, I like best is the Old Farmer's Almanac but, I check a few others, too.

 I heard, the full moon occurring on the Summer Solstice, hasn't happened since 1948.

That was 68 years ago, according to my birth certificate so, I didn't want to miss this one.

western sky, clouds, sunset, gif

 Off to the east, I could tell I'd be waiting over an hour for the moon to appear.

So, I set the tripod and camera, pointing towards a hill, off to the west.

The images in this GIF, were taken between 6:57 and 7:07PM.

The dark clouds were moving from south to north and, they were blocking the sun.

Egg Rock, eggu ishi,reflection, moon, ocean, Kin Town

That's a sort of special rock, the moon was reflecting on, in the bottom of this photo.

It got named Eggu Ishi (Egg Rock) way back when Commodore Perry was over here.

One of these days, I'll be writing a folktale about the rock formation.

Meanwhile, I've taken a hundred or so, pictures of the rock from different locations.

This was a fun photo, to compose but, some power-lines, had to be removed from the scene.

full moon, left scene, JUN 2016

By 7:54PM the moon was high enough above the clouds for this shot.

JUN 2016 Full Moon

 Out of the tower and, back at my office, I swapped lenses.

The Sigma 50-500 was put away and a Pentax 300MM was used for this image.

Adding a 1.4 converter, the shot was made at a focal length of 420MM.

The next time, the full moon happens on Summer Solstice won't be until  the year 2062.

Hopefully, you enjoyed these photos because, I plan on sleeping-in, for the next one !

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