Sunday, June 19, 2016

Shots Taken While Waiting for the June Full Moon

full moon, JUN 2016

Not 100 Percent Yet



Technically, the full moon is scheduled to appear tomorrow night.

Living on a tropical island, it's best to shoot it whenever you can.

There's no telling, when some rain squalls might come along and, ruin a night's fun.

Using the Sigma Bigma


That's a nickname for the Sigma 50-500 zoom lens, I used on the Pentax K1.

Coupled with a 1.4 converter, it became a 70-700MM lens.

The moon hadn't appeared over the horizon and lower marine layer of clouds.

After standing in an observation tower for awhile, I wanted to start shooting.

bridge, boat. islands, sea, sky,gif

A boat, sailing by the Ikei Island bridge, caught my eye.

So, I figured it would make a colorful animated GIF and, shot several frames of the action.

blue sky, white clouds

 Next, I turned around, facing north and, decided to take photos of some clouds.

sky, blue, clouds, white

 The sky, was a rich blue, most of the day. My kind of weather.

white clouds, blue sky

Some people, see things in the shapes of clouds. Not me. My imagination ran away.

Name this cloud and, I can email you a better copy of it.

powerline, bird, perched, gif

 Way before the moon made an appearance, this bird showed up.

Later, I will look back through my files and, get its scientific name, which I can't recall.

After a few hours, in that tower, I may have gotten 15 photos of the, almost full moon.

And, 200 more photos, of stuff, I shot to keep from getting bored !

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