Tuesday, June 28, 2016

10 Photos: JUN 2016 Sailing Sabani Event Zamami Island Okinawa

sabani boat, team, uniforms, beach, blue skies

A Quick Rundown



The afternoon prior to the sailing sabani race (Saturday) teams form up at Furuzamami Beach.

beach cleanup, boats, ocean, mountains, sky, sabani teams

Before any boat race, participating members conduct at thorough beach cleanup. 

sailboats, sabani, teams, ocean, sky, beach

 From Zamami Island, they will race to Tomarin Port in Naha, Okinawa.

Aboard an escort (safety) boat, I am the cameraman for the boat with the red sail.

multi-colored sails, sabani boats, mountain, sky, beach, ocean

 Every team and their boats, deserve to have photos taken so, I give it a try.

Once they start paddling and sailing, they will be spread out for miles.

sailing sabani, rock uotcropping, ocean, sky, safety boat

The teams get a good workout for their arms, stroking those paddles.

sailboats, rock outcroppings, sea, sky

A photographer, gets a great workout, bouncing around on his legs.

A tripod, would be useless, on a rocking and rolling fishing boat, out at sea.

sabani boats, sails, paddles, teams

The skies, following us, turned from blue to grey and, the wind picked up.

capsized sabani boat, team in deep ocean, rough seas

Just take your eyes and camera, off the team and, look what happened.

Some evil mother trucker, in the deep seas, capsized their boat !

uprighted boat, bailing water, removing the sail, team in water

Those guys and gals, don't need to be rescued by anyone; they're professionals.

Still, I worry about them. we're drinking buddies. What about sharks !!!

Number 18, sabani, sailing, paddling

These sabani people are bound and determined, to complete the race,  back to Naha.

Five hours and ten minutes, from Zamami to Okinawa, they arrived safely.

And, we all got hot showers so, we could go drinking again !

Rough seas and a few thunderstorms along the way, didn't stop any sabani team.

Hopefully, I'll be out there (calm seas please) again next year.

Hats off to team Ichimanmagi and, all the sailing sabani racers.

Special thanks, go to Miss Miyagi, who arranged my trip and transportation back home.

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