Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Naha Okinawa, Japan Dragonboat Races Travel Photo Thursday

              The Dragonboat Races in Naha Okinawa, Japan is where I plan on being tomorrow. 

This photo was taken back in May of 2009 under bright blue, sunny skies in the early morning light.

It looks like rain tomorrow with a slim chance the sun may peek through.   I'll be there.

Since I'm guessing this will be another of my 20 hour camera days, I'm posting this Wednesday night for BUDGET TRAVELERS SANDBOX and will hook-up the correct link to LadyE's TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY as soon as I can, sometime tomorrow evening.

She's a Canadian who hangs out somewhere in Korea.  You have to be careful around those folks, you know.  I remember watching TV when I was a kid.  They always get their man !


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