Monday, May 2, 2011

Mud Festival in Okinawa, Japan (15 Photos) One Pretty Girl

              It gets real busy for me around this time of year.  It's Golden Week in Japan.

While I was coming home on the ferry from Ie Shima, The Mud Festival in Kin Village Okinawa took place.  So, I had to dig up these photos from the last Mud Fest I attended (Dorunku Asobu).

             If you like mud, it doesn't matter how old or young you are, everyone is invited.

A field is flooded with water from tankers with plenty more kept on hand to keep the red clay nice and juicy.

      If tossing a ball, swimming or splashing isn't enough fun for you, you can try riding a bicylce.

                   Wooden planks spanning cement blocks are used to make a bicycle bridge.

             Not many riders have the skills it takes to get all the way across to the other side.

                  Sometimes their buddies do things, like throw rubber balls, to distract them.

               Once in awhile a couple of riders start at the same time to see who'll win a race.

                               Other kids, just get bored and work their mud-diving technique.

    School is out for a whole week so, teachers join in and demonstrate their riding ability/agility. Hah!

            This kid was really persistent.  After a few failed attempts, I was sure he'd make it.

                                  But, he ended up making my favorite splash of the day.

      So, I left the flooded field and looked for something else to do.  I found this pretty girl singing.

When I went back to have another look at the mud I spotted my Grandson (center) and tried to get away before he spotted me. I was afraid he'd ask for a ride home.  I would have said, "I'm walking, let's go."

If you'd like to find a Mud Festival, just memorize these words "Dorunku Asobu" and ask around. 

They don't advertise these village events in any English language media, I've ever seen.

Dorunku Asobu, sounds like "Drunk" but, that's not what it means.  It means playing in the mud.

They have festival foods, live bands and plenty of other things to do at these events, including a few people who actually go there to get drunk.  I just go to take photos of the kids in the mud and if I see a pretty girl, by chance, I'll shoot her, too.  And, I usually hide from my Grandkids !

For more about Golden Week in Okinawa:




Unknown said...

Nice one... but I think I like the "drunk playing" concept better (then again, it might not be too different).

RyukyuMike said...

Nah, our drunks take their drinking much too seriously to end up playing in the mud!

Unknown said...

omg i wana join them...

RyukyuMike said...

You mean the singers. Right?