Friday, May 6, 2011

These Gals Paddled Their Fannies Off: NAVY Dragonboat Ladies!

US NAVY Womens Dragonboat Team at Tomari Port Naha Okinawa, Japan 12:27PM 5MAY2011.

Here they are stretching, flexing and smiling in the rain getting ready to paddle their fannies off at the annual Dragonboat Festival.

These gals might be cute and pretty but, don't let that fool you.  They still have people in the US NAVY who know how to row a boat.  They are the Island Champions. They row a boat really fast.

How fast?

How about fast enough to take the 50 foot dragonboat they were paddling and beat every women's team on the island and plenty of the men's teams, too ! CHECK IT OUT, HERE.

YEAH NAVY !   I'm still working on developing the Dragonboat Race photos but, have to go out shooting again today.  I posted a few photos of the Navy Gal's Team in my Festival Gallery.  I don't want to rush developing the actual dragonboats racing.  My plan is to make the best photos I can for printing.

Then, go deliver some to those Navy Gals.  That's if I can catch them!

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