Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Registry Mechanic for Your PC: A Not a Nerd's Product Review

Here's a screenshot taken off my Window 7 laptop, just a few minutes ago.  If I wasn't typing on this old Vista machine, I'd shoot this screen, too.  But, you'd only see the same thing as in the picture above.

This Morning the needle on both Health Meters ( what I call them ) wasn't so good.  Look up in the righthand corner.  If my PCs get any healthier, it'll break the meter.

Remember, this is not a computer nerd, geek, guru, or whatever else you call people who know what they're doing around computers.  I'll give you some links to folks who speak that language, later.

To me, RegistryMechanic is the best thing that came along since bottled beer.

Now, being a cameraman, I upload, download and delete massive files on my PCs, every day.  I know all about Ccleaner, defragging and all the other good stuff you're supposed to do and I do them just about every day, too.

Fooling around with StumbleUpon, Facebook and a whole slew of social networking sites and having idiots loading unwanted music and videos into my PCs, sometimes causes problems.

It seems, to me, that besides leftover traces of photos I work on, a lot of garbage I pick up while surfing the internet piles up in my registry, whatever the hell that is.

Before long, the PCs start slowing down.  Sometimes, right in the middle of some important work,  the PC locks-up.  The screen may whiteout, or it may go totally black.  It's the registry.  I figured it out.

Well, I did a little research and read some good reviews about this Registry Mechanic and liked what I saw so, I downloaded the FREE TRIAL version.

It's OK. It'll tell you how many hundred or thousand problems your PC has in the registry.  It will fix six, or so, of them for free.  Then, if you want everything fixed, you better buy the real deal.

First, I bought one, one year subscription, for one computer.  The poor puppy was on it's last leg.

When I installed the download and turned it loose, it gobbled up over 3,000 pieces of garbage in my register, ( whatever that is ) and the PC came back to life.

It probably would have been a good idea to read the instructions but, I didn't. 

The PC was running fine so, I was happy.  Every day I'd push some of the buttons on the righthand side of the screen above.  Clean, Defragment, Tuneup and wharever else they have to offer.

After a month or so, the health meter started sliding back towards the middle.  On my other PC ( which I also installed the Mechanic ) it got way down to Low System Health.  That's my newer computer. Damn !

So, this morning, I discovered something.  I pushed the GREEN BUTTON right below the meter "START SCAN".  It gobbled up 3,000 more pieces of junk that had piled themselves in my register, whatever that means.

And there you have it.  The picture above is from my PC that was sick this morning.  Healthy.

Now, that I think I know what I'm doing, I like Registry Mechanic.  It kicks some butt.

Would I recommend it to my friends?  YUP !

My only complaint would be this:  Why don't they make it so a redlight flashes when your PC gets sick?  Like, for people who are not nerd's.  It could say "Hit the GREEN START BUTTON".

When I pay 25 bucks for something, I don't expect to have to sit in front of a computer monitor and stare at the thing reading a bunch of instructions.  Registry Mechanic gets four stars, for now.

Here are a few links to other reviews of this product:



These people sound like they might be Gurus, or something.  You could also, search Amazon or CNET and get more users reviews.  I'd give you links but, I'm in Japan so, Japanese sites are all that popup on my browser.


Jay said...

It is pure delight to read your articles Mike :)

RyukyuMike said...

Glad to hear you enjoy my rants!


Unknown said...

I need something like this. Thanks for the review....and since it's from you...:)

RyukyuMike said...

No joke, that thing gobbles-up over 3,000 pieces of junk a day, from each of my PCs.
Suckers ought to be paying me or, at least gimmie the stuff FREE!