Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday's Silly Sign (Photo) May 29, 2011

Traveling from the lower lefthand corner on this Sunday's Silly Sign, here's what we've got for you, up in the YD Forest of Kunigami Okinawa, Japan.

Knowing not everyone has the extra cash to spring for a room in the Dorm, we built this place where you can do like lots of folks hit by hard economic times. Sleep in your car, down there, at the Auto-Champing Area.  That'd be just like CAMPING but, we want you to feel like a CHAMP.

Once you've found a good spot and settled in, you may want to get out on the nature trails.  There's the Fig Tree Rute (Route) not too far away, by map.  And if that ain't enuf to work the kinks outa yer legs, try the Lakeview Rute.

Typhoon Songda is long-gone. Thank you for all the well wishes.  Power has been restored.  The sun is shining and there isn't a cloud in the brilliant blue skies.  I'm outa here. Gotta find more material for Sunday's Silly Signs.

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