Friday, May 6, 2011

People Reflections at Naha Dragonboat Festival 2011 (Photos)

There are still hundreds of Dragonboat photos in the development stage and I'll be posting them shortly.  Meanwhile, here are some shots I took between the races.  Things to do on a rainy day in Okinawa.

When the rain slacks off for a few minutes, the light is just right and no wind or movement disturb the water it can be the same as standing on a mirror.

Children in bright yellow raincoats make terrific subjects, if they'll to stay motionless for a second.

            Adults are easier to capture when you can find them standing in the lighting you want.

           Every now and again, even a teenager will hold still to have a cell phone conversation.

                                For larger crowds you have to back off and go wide angle.

    Where there's enough room to move left, right, up and down it's easier to get the best reflections.

           This couple was very cooperative but, the little Bulldog didn't want to get his feet wet.

Turn a little tyke loose in a puddle at a festival and it's better than watching entertainment on the stage.

        If you think I was miserable at the Dragonboat races, getting rained all day, you're wrong. 

It was so much fun wandering around looking at people reflections I almost missed the boat races!

There will be plenty more photos of the Naha Okinawa Dragonboat races and the teams that were there posted here and in my wesbite gallery as they get processed.  Please be patient and if you happen to know someone who enjoys writing about these events, making no money at it (like I do), have them contact me through my website.  I'll give them all the free photos they can eat !

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