Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Freakin Big Bird and Three Photos to Prove It

This may be the biggest bird on the whole island of Okinawa, Japan.  If anyone finds one larger let me know and I'll go shoot that one, too.

You can see this statue of the Yanbaru Kuina, an endangered species, found in Okinawa from Hedo Misaki. 

That's at the northern tip of the island.  I took this photo from the road leading to the big bird.

And, I wandered around to the other side for two good reasons. 

I wanted to prove we get sunshine during rainy season, even if it only lasts a few minutes. 

Plus, I wanted to show you how big this freakin bird really is.  This didn't really give a sense of scale.

So, I walked around and got under the dang thing.  I took off one of my 12 inch shoes to show you that bird has toenails longer than my shoe.  Is that a freakin big bird, or what ?  I got photos to prove it !

This bird, I'll post for LadyE's Travel Photo Thursday.  She has a site called Budget Travelers Sandbox and while I was snoopin around inside the two-story bird I discovered some places in there where you could probably sleep overnight, if you're real quiet, for FREE. 

If cops come and try to arrest you, tell them something like, YOUR BROTHER-IN-LAW MADE YOU DO IT.

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